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5 Ways to Prove Your Long-Distance Marriage is Real to Immigration

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Proving to immigration that your marriage is real is difficult enough when you live together. When you’re long-distance, it’s even harder. Here are five tips to prove your marriage is real.

When you’re married to someone who lives abroad, you likely won’t be able to submit the “typical” documents that immigration asks for to prove your relationship is real. You can’t show a joint rental agreement because you’ve never lived in the same country, let alone the same house. You likely never had a joint bank account and you probably haven’t filed taxes together. Maybe the foreign spouse has never even stepped foot into the U.S. because they don’t have the proper visa documents. Nevertheless, there are plenty of ways to prove your relationship is real.

1. Photographs

Show them your pictures. You’ve likely been traveling to see each other A LOT and you probably have lots of wonderful photographs. This shows immigration: (1) that you value spending time together; (2) that you spend money to make that happen; and (3) that you are a part of each other's lives even though you live apart.

Photographs should ideally be presented with a description that includes the date, location, and who’s pictured. Here are some other pro tips:

  • Don’t send all selfies! Selfies’ major downfall is they don’t leave a lot of room for much beyond your faces. For these photographs, the location is important, whether it’s the Eiffel Tower on a romantic trip to Paris or your wife’s mother’s kitchen in Ecuador. While it’s okay to send a few good selfie pictures, keep them at a minimum.
  • A variety of places. When you’ve been to a lot of places together, it proves that you’ve spent a lot of time together just as a couple that lived in the same country would. It doesn’t have to be photos of adventurous vacations from all over the world, but it shouldn’t be the same 10 photos in your spouse’s apartment either. Shoot for somewhere in the middle.
  • A variety of faces. Photographs with different people show immigration that your relationship is public. Your spouse has met your friends and family, a big step in any relationship. Photos with family are especially good.

2. Text Messages

Text messages prove that you’ve been in communication, that you share your day to day lives with each other. Do you WhatsApp each other every evening? Print it out and present it with your green card application.

3. Travel

Proof of travel is excellent evidence of your commitment to each other. You took time off work, away from your home, and spent a lot of money to be able to have time with your partner. That’s shows just how important the relationship is to you. Print out plane tickets that show you’ve been traveling back and forth and present them to immigration.

4. Letters

You can include letters, one from you and one from your spouse, in your application that tell the story of your relationship and your devotion to one another. The letters should explain how you met, times you’ve spent together, your commitment to one another, and how you are planning a life together in the United States. Letters can be written in any language, so long as you also provide a certified English translation.

5. Proof of Financial Support

If one partner is sending the other partner money, you will also want to show proof of this. Offers of financial support are another way to show evidence of a serious, committed relationship.

That’s it! Five simple tips to prove your marriage is real, even if you have never lived together. 

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