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Can I Travel while I Wait for Adjustment of Status?
While it’s possible to travel with a pending adjustment of status application, it can be risky. This article goes over the situations in which you can apply for a travel document, how to apply, and the risks involved in travelling with a pending I-485 application.
U-Visa: Processing Times and Work Permit
As of October 2018, the current processing time for a U Visa, a special visa given to victims of crime, is four years. This article goes over the reason for the long backlog and guides you on how and when to can apply for a work permit while you wait.
The Fastest Way to File Your Green Card Application
Discover a quicker way to file your I-485 and get access to a work permit and social security number while you wait for your U.S. green card. How to read the Visa Bulletin and know when to file.
Did I Enter the U.S. Illegally? Proving “Lawful Entry”
To immigrate to the U.S. (get a green card) you may have to prove “lawful entry.” How to prove lawful entry if you overstayed your visa, entered the country without documents, or entered the country with fake or false documents.
Form I-130, Proof of Father-Child Relationship
How to prove a father-child relationship for USCIS Form I-130. Evidence will vary depending on whether or not the petitioning father was married to the mother before the child’s 18th birthday.
Can I Travel to the U.S. while Waiting for a Green Card?
Family-based green card applications can take years to be processed. While your I-130 application is pending, is it possible to travel to the United States? The straight answer is yes, but it’s important to understand what’s expected of you when you travel with a B-1/B-2 Tourist Visa.

Lawful Permanent Residency

Green Card
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Adjustment of Status
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Sharon Abaud is truly a rare find. Work with her if you can. :-)

Sharon is compassionate, knowledgeable, personable, and professional. Work with her if you can. :-) Having her on our team has made my husband and I feel at ease during the immigration process and excited about our next chapter. Her guidance has been a huge gift in our lives and we are so grateful!

Sharon Abaud is truly a rare find. Work with her if you can. :-)

Britt H. , Los Angeles, CA

Sharon is the best lawyer I've had the pleasure to work with!

Sharon is the best lawyer I've had the pleasure to work with. She was very professional, but also offered emotional support during sometimes tough episodes and harsh deadlines. Indeed, I would definitely recommend her. Thanks Sharon! Mallory, the kiddos and I appreciate all your hard work!

Eloy F. , Los Angeles, CA

Sharon is an amazing immigration lawyer.

Sharon is an amazing immigration lawyer. I had her help me out with a couple of immigration issues. A couple of friends of mine have been able to establish residency because of her. She is very affordable and offers an incredible service to all of her clients. I'd recommend her to everybody!

Esteban , Los Angeles, CA

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